Patient Satisfaction in 2013

Putting your best foot forward is always important, but in the oral surgery field it is VITAL!

No one wants to get a tooth pulled, so it’s important that we make our patients feel at home.  We strive to make each interaction with patients positively remarkable.  We’ve been asking our patients to fill out satisfaction surveys after their time with us.  The results are better than we expected.  Friendliness and caring treatment by the staff and doctor always gets the highest marks.

Letting your personality shine through is important in any service industry.  Patients often comment on how funny Dr. Kiken is.  He does his best to educate and inform his patients, but also leaves time for a little fun with everyone.  We plan enough time in our schedule so that no one feels rushed and everyone gets all the time they wish with the doctor.

Care and comfort is our primary concern.  Patients travel from all over to see us in our Santa Barbara Oral Surgery office.  We are transforming lives and that is a huge responsibility.  We take pride in the care we give each and every patient.  We are available every weekday, and if patients are in pain, we accommodate them immediately.

Last month we opened a new Oral Surgery Practice in Lompoc at 1111 East Ocean Avenue.   Our welcoming staff can accommodate patients every weekday in Santa Barbara and Lompoc. Give us a call to see how we can improve your smile today!

Santa Barbara Oral Surgery – 805.682.0933Ocean Oral Surgery Office in Lompoc, CA

Lompoc Oral Surgery – 805.735.3665

Ocean Oral Surgery in Lompoc, CA