Take Our Quiz! Alleviating Patients’ Stress: Which Character Are You?

It may seem simple to us, but insurance can be a very stressful topic for people who don’t deal with it every day.  Ignorance (in this case) is not necessarily bliss.  Going the extra mile for them will help ensure that our patients remain our patients.  There are a few categories of helpfulness.  Take this quiz and see what category you’re in.

  1. When patients tell me they have insurance, I say,
    1. “How lovely for you. Good luck with that.”
    2. “We will file your claim for you, but it’s up to you after that.”
    3. “Wonderful. We do a complimentary benefits check for each patient and help you maximize your insurance’s payment.”
  2. When patients ask how much insurance benefit they have left for the year, I say,
    1. “I have no idea.”
    2. “That’s a good question. We might be able to look into that.”
    3. “I am happy to help with that. Let’s look at it together.”
  3. When patients ask, “Which endodontists, orthodontists, or oral surgeons are in my network?” I say,
    1. “You’ll need to call your insurance to get a name.”
    2. “We have some cards of doctors. You can call them and ask them.”
    3. “These two doctors are preferred providers for your insurance. They will take great care of you. I highly recommend Dr. _______!”

Score your answers.  A) 0 points, B) 2 points, C) 4 points

Super hero girl with cape graphic
Dr. Evil saying Switzerland is neutral with finger quotes
Wicked Witch with pointed hat and broom graphic
10–12 Points
6–8 Points
0–4 Points
Stress-Relieving Super Hero!
Stress-Neutral, Not Necessarily Evil, But …
Hope Your Patients Don’t Think of You like This.

A few extra minutes spent on each patient can make the difference between a 5-Star online rating and spreading the good word to their friends, or having them looking for a friendlier, more accommodating office down the road.  A few hints how you can wow your patients when it comes to insurance:

  1. Take 5 minutes (on the phone or online) to check insurance benefits for each patient.
  2. Before referring a patient to a specialist, let them know how many exams / x-rays they are allowed annually.
  3. Take a few minutes with patients to help them understand their insurance statement (EOB).
  4. Know (ahead of time) which specialists are preferred providers for your patients’ insurance.
  5. Know which offices go the extra mile (just like you). Refer them where they will have an excellent experience.
  6. For more tips, click here and here.

No matter whether your patients have an HMO, PPO, or are paying cash, we want to give the best customer service to everyone.  The best in care starts from the first phone call to the last payment they make.  The more informed patients are, the more in control they feel.  When they feel in control, they are comfortable.  Comfortable patients are loyal patients.  Making patients’ lives easier makes them patients for life.  Showing you care is the best way to make sure your patients will be endeared to you and your office for many years to come!

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Cristina Chapman, March 2016